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Retaliatory Discharge

Some Battles are Worth Fighting

Seeking Justice for Victims of Retaliatory Discharge

I represent employees who feel they are the victims of retaliatory discharge following the reporting of their employers for an illegal or criminal activity. Under current Oregon laws, employees are protected from retaliation following these reports, giving them the option to clear their conscience without fear of discharge or mistreatment in return.

If you feel you have been terminated as a result of employment retaliation, I can help. My 15 years of experience, combined with my background in litigation, allows me to offer the detailed guidance you need to seek the reinstatement or compensation you desire after your illegal dismissal.

Employment retaliation is just another form of wrongful discharge, an act prohibited by employment laws. If you have been fired as a result of your honest actions, contact my Portland office online or call 888-838-1060 to schedule a free consultation.

Timothy Bennett, P.C.: A Proven Record of Success

During my time as an employment law attorney, I have sought and obtained favorable resolutions in court for countless victims of employment retaliation. My work has given me a reputation as an effective advocate who stands up for the rights of employees regardless of the difficulty of their cases.

I am ready to help you if you wish to return to work, want to be compensated for your lost wages, or, in extreme cases, want to seek punitive damages against your employer. I take great care to offer an objective view of your situation and provide the advice you need to make the strongest decisions possible regarding your proceedings. It is important to me that you feel empowered to influence the outcome of your situation and seek the resolutions you deserve.

If you have suffered employment retaliation as a result of your actions, you should speak with a lawyer immediately. Contact my office to schedule your free consultation today.


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