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Pursuing Fair Treatment for Everyone in the Workplace

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It is never easy to be turned away or fired from gainful employment. This can especially be true when the decision regarding your employment future has been made based on age, gender, race, religion or ethnicity discrimination. Fortunately, the law provides recourse for individuals who have been discriminated against on one of these bases.

My work in the employment law field over the past 15 years has given me the knowledge and experience needed to offer assertive guidance to discrimination victims, giving you the power you need to seek reinstatement or compensation for your unfair treatment.

If you feel that you have been refused employment, terminated from an existing position or passed over for promotion due to discriminatory practices, contact my office online or call 888-838-1060. I offer free consultations to all new clients.

Ending Discriminatory Practices in Oregon

During my years in practice, I have gained a detailed understanding of the issues faced by discrimination victims. I know how difficult it can be to pick up the phone and call an attorney, and how hard it can be to believe that you have been discriminated against in this modern age.

I have successfully guided discrimination victims to favorable resolutions after they have been denied employment, terminated or passed over for promotion due any of the following:

  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Ethnicity discrimination
  • Gender discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religion discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination

I know it is difficult to share your story with an unfamiliar person, especially when it is easy for many people to be frustrated or impatient at hearing your story. You can trust that I will try to help you and that I will stand by your side. As your lawyer, I will offer to you a helpful hand and discerning ear. I am always ready to listen and offer the advice you need to make informed decisions regarding your situation.

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