Parental Rights

The most difficult part of divorce for all of our clients is the impact their decisions will have on their children. It never matters how old the “children” are–whether two, six or forty-six–parents worry about what the divorce will mean to their children. The greatest negative impact on the children is the ongoing and prolonged conflict of parents, both during and after a divorce. The lawyers of Skirbunt Cahn Skirbunt Ramsey can assist you in addressing the end of your marriage while minimizing the trauma for your children.

Where necessary, the attorneys in the firm have successfully handled contested custody litigation. Sometimes it may be necessary for the court to determine which parent will be the custodian and how much time, and under what circumstances, the children will spend with the other parent. What we see most often, however, are parents who want to have a conversation that centers on creating a good plan for their children. Every client wants to know how and when he or she should tell the children there is going to be a divorce, and every client wants to know how to create a plan for the children that works well. We can assist you in creating an individualized parenting plan that addresses the unique needs of your children. Our lawyers can also assist you in addressing how to create a plan that grows with the changing developmental needs of your children over time, and how to handle future challenges with your children that may arise as unmarried or remarried parents.

Our attorneys have relationships with parenting coaches, child therapists and psychologists who are available to provide assistance in developing, or implementing, your parenting plan; or, in providing expert testimony in a custody evaluation. Irrespective of the process selected, it is a primary aim, and core value, of Skirbunt Cahn Skirbunt Ramsey to help our clients preserve the health and growth of their children during, and after, the end of the marriage.